How to install wallpaper clock in Ubuntu

Wallpaper clocks are inherently wallpapers itself which can show live time and date with nice integration. You won’t get an idea what it really is until you see it for yourself.
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In this tutorial, you need to install and use the screenlets.

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Lucid Lynx is the code name of Ubuntu 10.04

This is announced by Mark Shuttleworth in this video :

A release naming scheme is available here :

What will be the code name of Ubuntu 10.10 ??

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Ubuntu newsletter : Karmic available soon !

According to the last Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, the sixth and final alpha testing for the next Ubuntu release, Karmic Alpha 6, is scheduled for this week (September, 17).
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How to install several packages in Ubuntu

When you want to install a list of packages in Ubuntu, you can declare the list in a text file list.txt, in column format, for example :


And then, you open a terminal and type command :
sudo apt-get install $(cat list.txt)

All packages in the file are installed with only one command !

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Firefox : new version 3.5

The famous open source web browser Mozilla Firefox was recently released (on June 30, 2009). We can find the new features here :

I will wait and hope to test it in the next Ubuntu version (9.10), but if you are hurry to use it, it is possible to install this software in the current Ubuntu version (9.04 Jaunty). A tutorial is available here :

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Gwibber : a twitter client for Ubuntu

Gwibber logo
As I saw that some twitter users make tweets from a desktop application, I sought an application developped for my favourite operating system : Ubuntu.
And then, I discovered Gwibber. This is an open source software developped with Python. A good feature is that Gwibber can be used for several service (Twitter, Flickr …). It could be improved by adding specific twitter functions such as contact management.

Here is a link to a well-written post with screenshots that gives more details about this software :

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How to use gnomad2 with Ubuntu Jaunty

Gnomad2 is an application that enables to tranfer files (music/video) to Creative portable media players.
In Ubuntu Jaunty, if we connect the player and launch gnomad2, there is an error message :
« Aucun jukebox detecté sur le bus USB »
And therefore, it’s impossible to add media files in the player.

It is necessary to umont the player and open gnomad2, and that works fine !
Thank you to garvied for the solution.