How he tweets

In this FAQ, Guy Kawasaki explains his way of writing on Twitter :
Extract from

Some answers can give ideas to improve your way of using that social website.

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TwitterFox : a twitter client in Firefox

After testing the twitter application Gwibber that works on GNU/Linux systems, I discovered another client that enables to read and write tweets from Firefox : TwitterFox.

The main advantage of this extension is the fact that we can use it on every system in which Firefox is installed, namely Linux or Windows.

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Gwibber : a twitter client for Ubuntu

Gwibber logo
As I saw that some twitter users make tweets from a desktop application, I sought an application developped for my favourite operating system : Ubuntu.
And then, I discovered Gwibber. This is an open source software developped with Python. A good feature is that Gwibber can be used for several service (Twitter, Flickr …). It could be improved by adding specific twitter functions such as contact management.

Here is a link to a well-written post with screenshots that gives more details about this software :

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Twitterfeed : Automatic tweets from blogs

Twitterfeed is a tool that enables to create a new tweet when you write a post in your blog.

I discorvered this service when I analysed the french newspaper @lemondefr tweets.
I write this post to see if it will be added in my twitter account.

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How to add a function « Tweet this » in blog posts

A good link to an article that explains how to add a twitter button at the end of a blog post :

When the user click on the button, a tweet is generated and added in the user Tweeter profile.
The tutorial is based on blogger, but I’ll try to do the same with WordPress.

Twitter small logo

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How to customize backgrounds in twitter

Some links to get an existing background :
Simple backgrounds are free but it’s possible to pay for a custom wallpaper.

And we can find some tips to create a wallpaper with PowerPoint :

The results are impressive :
Example of Twitter background

Perhaps you know other links…