How to configure a Livebox modem

Warning : this tutorial is only tested on Linux system but there is no reason that it doesn’t work on other systems.

When your Livebox is connected, you can open a web browser and enter the following URL :

Then, you can enter the default administrator parameters :
– username : admin
– password : admin

You will see this configuration page

You can select the first option « Internet connection » -> « Change » and enter your internet access data (username and password)
If this option was disabled, it is now enabled and you can surf the internet.
Enjoy !

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How to add a function « Tweet this » in blog posts

A good link to an article that explains how to add a twitter button at the end of a blog post :

When the user click on the button, a tweet is generated and added in the user Tweeter profile.
The tutorial is based on blogger, but I’ll try to do the same with WordPress.

Twitter small logo

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