How to Move Emails To Individual Folders Automatically

The Ford Model T assembly line is often cited as a world-changing example of productivity. Outlook rules may never have that honor but it’s a great productivity tool if tweaked properly.
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One tip for creating workspace

« Go into “work mode” when you’re in your workspace. This might mean wearing “work clothes” when you’re working. »
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Improve productivity only with a pen

« It would be hard to find a person who has never heard about a to-do list, right? Yet I bet that many of you do not use it, or do not use it effectively. »
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If/else statement in spreadsheets

When you add a division in a spreadsheet document, for example :

If sometimes the cell B3 is not filled, there is the classic error : « #DIV/0 ! ».
You can use the statement if/else to avoid that kind of error :

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If-else Statements in OpenOffice Calc

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How he tweets

In this FAQ, Guy Kawasaki explains his way of writing on Twitter :
Extract from

Some answers can give ideas to improve your way of using that social website.

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Speed reading : the eye gym

Here is a exercise that can be done for 5 minutes every day :
– Select a text.
– Read only (and quickly) the first and the last word in each line.

This exercise aims at maintaining speed of eye movements, even if you don’t understand the text.

When you will increase your horizontal vision span, you will be able to read and understand each line with the same speed.

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Some tips for bloggers

In this post, the author gives 10 tips for anyone who writes a blog to improve productivity :

The tips are excellent points, and especially the first one : « Write more than you publish ». When you don’t have time or motivation to write posts, this is helpfull to use some already prepared text.

Some tips such as « Turn off auto-notifiers » and « Check emails less often, but deal with more when you do » are not only usefull for blog writting. Actually, they are general advice for anyone who works with computer all day long.

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