After GTD methods, you can use Getting Things GNOME!

Getting Things Done is a concept created by David Allen. His methods enables to improve productivity, thanks to the use of tasks lists. There are several applications developed to apply GTD methods on computers.

Some of them are web-based, such as (it will probably be the subject of a future article). And other ones are available on GNU/Linux system, such as this quite new software that seems to be interesting :
Getting Things GNOME !

More informations are given in Ploum’s article. You can share your feedback if you have already tested it.

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Speed reading – some links

Here are some links about a very interesting field of knowledge, speed reading :

Wikipedia : introduction on the subject.
Speed Reading Test : evaluate your reader profile.

Other articles are expected. Stay tuned…

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How to increase typing speed

Some link to test your typing speed :
Games For The Brain – speedtype
speedtest – 10 fast fingers

As for the lessons, you can find some informations in this website :

Enjoy !