Using Gmail as a list manager

This guide will show you how to take Gmail™ beyond email, by transforming it into a powerful GTD® action list manager for managing your workflow.
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This tutorial can be used with other email service than Gmail.
I didn’t know the tip of creating specific contacts and filters to add actions quickly. That seems to be very interesting.

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Use SMART objectives

The process of setting objectives is important to manage a business (or even personal) project.
The goals must be SMART :
S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – relevant
T – time-bound

Some links :
Writting and setting SMART objectives and SMARTER objectives

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Improve business process with Deming cycle

The Deming cycle is used to illustrate the PDCA process :
PLAN (the objectives)
DO (the new process)
CHECK (the results)
ACT (to find facts that can be improved with iteration)

With the use of iterations, this cycle enables to bring closer to the target, as it is clearly showed on this picture from :
Deming cycle

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Define your team role in the Belbin Inventory

According to Dr. Meredith Belbin‘s studies, each individual’s behaviour can be sorted in one of the 9 following roles :
– Shaper
– Implementer
– Completer Finisher
– Coordinator
– Teamworker
– Resource Investigator
– Plant
– Monitor Evaluator
– Specialist

More details about the role definitions are available in website, or Wikipedia for example.

What is your team role ?

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Evaluate a project with the SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis is a method that enables to identify the helpful or harmful factors which have an impact on a selected project.
The meaning of SWOT is :
* Internal factors :
* External conditions :

They can be illustrated in the following diagram :
SWOT diagram

A good article is available on the Wikipedia website and there are a lot of links on that subject.

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