Firefox addon : Fast Forward

« Adds a fast forward button to the top of your browser. When clicked you are directed to a similar page visited by other users. »
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You can download this addon here :

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Create your online business card

A short list of services that enable to create a small personal web page :

What service do you use (and prefer) ?

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How he tweets

In this FAQ, Guy Kawasaki explains his way of writing on Twitter :
Extract from

Some answers can give ideas to improve your way of using that social website.

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How to save bookmarks online :

Every web browser can save your favorite websites in a bookmarks system. But when you travel and use several computers (at home, at work, etc…), it is difficult to have the same bookmarks on each computer.

One solution is to save your bookmarks on the web. And that is possible with Delicious. You can mark your bookmarks as private if you don’t want to share them. Besides, there is a firefox add-on that enables to use and save your bookmarks quickly.

And if you don’t want to give up the HTML format, you can export (or import) bookmarks from to a HTML file, as it is clearly explained on blog.

PS : This site exists since 2003 and I’m sorry if everybody already knows this kind of informations, but I’m quite late as far as social web services are concerned…

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How to increase typing speed

Some link to test your typing speed :
Games For The Brain – speedtype
speedtest – 10 fast fingers

As for the lessons, you can find some informations in this website :

Enjoy !

How to configure a Livebox modem

Warning : this tutorial is only tested on Linux system but there is no reason that it doesn’t work on other systems.

When your Livebox is connected, you can open a web browser and enter the following URL :

Then, you can enter the default administrator parameters :
– username : admin
– password : admin

You will see this configuration page

You can select the first option « Internet connection » -> « Change » and enter your internet access data (username and password)
If this option was disabled, it is now enabled and you can surf the internet.
Enjoy !

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TwitterFox : a twitter client in Firefox

After testing the twitter application Gwibber that works on GNU/Linux systems, I discovered another client that enables to read and write tweets from Firefox : TwitterFox.

The main advantage of this extension is the fact that we can use it on every system in which Firefox is installed, namely Linux or Windows.

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