Speed reading : the eye gym

Here is a exercise that can be done for 5 minutes every day :
– Select a text.
– Read only (and quickly) the first and the last word in each line.

This exercise aims at maintaining speed of eye movements, even if you don’t understand the text.

When you will increase your horizontal vision span, you will be able to read and understand each line with the same speed.

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Speed reading – some links

Here are some links about a very interesting field of knowledge, speed reading :

Wikipedia : introduction on the subject.
Speed Reading Test : evaluate your reader profile.

Other articles are expected. Stay tuned…

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Ten books to offer (and/or to read !)

A link that gives some ideas of books that you can buy as gifts, even for yourselves !
(french link)

The other entries of this blog are also interesting…

Blogs & podcasts

Here is he book Blogs & podcasts .

Written by Loïc Le Meur and Laurence Beauvais, it contains a lot of advices to create a good personal or professional blog.

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