How to install wallpaper clock in Ubuntu

Wallpaper clocks are inherently wallpapers itself which can show live time and date with nice integration. You won’t get an idea what it really is until you see it for yourself.
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In this tutorial, you need to install and use the screenlets.

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Firefox addon : Fast Forward

« Adds a fast forward button to the top of your browser. When clicked you are directed to a similar page visited by other users. »
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You can download this addon here :

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Lucid Lynx is the code name of Ubuntu 10.04

This is announced by Mark Shuttleworth in this video :

A release naming scheme is available here :

What will be the code name of Ubuntu 10.10 ??

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How to find general informations of your Linux computer

In a script or in a terminal, you can get some informations with the command : uname.

To know the name of your computer, you can use :
uname -n

You can print the kernel name with :
uname -s
In general, the result is « Linux », but the result will be different if you use other UNIX systems, such as SunOS for instance.

Besides, you can display the kernel release :
uname -r

All these informations are displayed with the command :
uname -a

For other informations about this command, as usual, the manual page is well-documented.

The priority list

This is an extract of an article published in Seth’Blog :
How do you decide what to do next?

Without a list, you can see how making intelligent decisions is impossible, so we resort to confusing activity with productivity.
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Improve productivity only with a pen

One tip for creating workspace

« Go into “work mode” when you’re in your workspace. This might mean wearing “work clothes” when you’re working. »
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Notions of active listening

« Listening is one of the most important skills you can have. How well you listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness, and on the quality of your relationships with others. »
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