Gwibber : a twitter client for Ubuntu

Gwibber logo
As I saw that some twitter users make tweets from a desktop application, I sought an application developped for my favourite operating system : Ubuntu.
And then, I discovered Gwibber. This is an open source software developped with Python. A good feature is that Gwibber can be used for several service (Twitter, Flickr …). It could be improved by adding specific twitter functions such as contact management.

Here is a link to a well-written post with screenshots that gives more details about this software :

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2 Réponses to “Gwibber : a twitter client for Ubuntu”

  1. derschreckliche Says:

    Gwibber is fine – but for me choqok is the best twitter client for ubuntu / linux. It has just very much built in helpful functions (like auto url-shortening, twitpic,..)
    I wrote an article about it:

    It’s in german but with screenshots – and the features mostly have english names.

    Check it out, could be a good alternative for you too.

    • ffoucaud Says:

      Thank you for this information (in english 😉 )
      Choqok seems to be nice, but I don’t use KDE environment…
      Currently, I prefer a Firefox extension, TwitterFox, that can be used in both Linux and Windows systems.


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