How to change keyboard properties in GNOME

This tip is usefull when you want to change the language setting for instance (« AZERTY » to « QWERTY »).
If the configuration is not possible from the Preferences menu , you have to use a terminal.

Launch the application :
$ gnome-keyboard-properties
And in the window, remove the old setting (« French ») and add the new one (« US »).

That’s quite simple, but it is necessary to remember the name of the GNOME application…

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TwitterFox : a twitter client in Firefox

After testing the twitter application Gwibber that works on GNU/Linux systems, I discovered another client that enables to read and write tweets from Firefox : TwitterFox.

The main advantage of this extension is the fact that we can use it on every system in which Firefox is installed, namely Linux or Windows.

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Some tips for bloggers

In this post, the author gives 10 tips for anyone who writes a blog to improve productivity :

The tips are excellent points, and especially the first one : « Write more than you publish ». When you don’t have time or motivation to write posts, this is helpfull to use some already prepared text.

Some tips such as « Turn off auto-notifiers » and « Check emails less often, but deal with more when you do » are not only usefull for blog writting. Actually, they are general advice for anyone who works with computer all day long.

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Irakere – Bacalao con pan

Each time I see this video, I enjoy the music break and piano solo at 0:50 :

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How to install several packages in Ubuntu

When you want to install a list of packages in Ubuntu, you can declare the list in a text file list.txt, in column format, for example :


And then, you open a terminal and type command :
sudo apt-get install $(cat list.txt)

All packages in the file are installed with only one command !

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Firefox : new version 3.5

The famous open source web browser Mozilla Firefox was recently released (on June 30, 2009). We can find the new features here :

I will wait and hope to test it in the next Ubuntu version (9.10), but if you are hurry to use it, it is possible to install this software in the current Ubuntu version (9.04 Jaunty). A tutorial is available here :

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Gwibber : a twitter client for Ubuntu

Gwibber logo
As I saw that some twitter users make tweets from a desktop application, I sought an application developped for my favourite operating system : Ubuntu.
And then, I discovered Gwibber. This is an open source software developped with Python. A good feature is that Gwibber can be used for several service (Twitter, Flickr …). It could be improved by adding specific twitter functions such as contact management.

Here is a link to a well-written post with screenshots that gives more details about this software :

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